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donald trump [not] approved business buzzword generatorFed up with being stuck in boring business meetings, not understanding whats going on and unable to contribute the next big idea?

Well fear not, the [not] Donald Trump approved sweary business buzzword generator is here to help! Simply hit the button below to generate amazing new buzzwords and phrases for your business now! Amaze your colleagues and your boss with your new grasp of the business world, win promotions, contracts, praise and admiration! (All while baffling everyone with bullshit!)

Your Core Over-Arching Strategy:

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The Benefits of Our Generated Buzzwords

Literally thousands of totally random cutting edge business buzz phrases ensure you'll never be lost for original, guru-sounding terminology again!

Everyone will like you more and appreciate your input so much more! You'll probably get a raise, or a corner office on the back of some of our amazing phrases alone!

Wow your clients and work colleagues in all those pointless, time sap meetings. They'll be begging to give you huge consultancy fees once you wheel out some choice buzz phrases to really show them how big a guru you are!

Our Generated Buzzwords Feature:

Every ridiculous business buzz-phrase generated comes with the following great features, built in!

  • Bullshit guaranteed
  • Complete bullshit artist level 10
  • Maximum wow-factor in meetings
  • Complete and total stupidity
  • Lulz!
  • Wank word bingo compatible!

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Note: Success and turning around of career as a result of actually using any generated business buzzwords is not guaranteed and may get you fired. Learn about the history of business buzzwords here.