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As an author or editor, do you struggle to think up a suitable title for that latest romance novel you've been slaving over? That's where the Romance Novel Title Generator come in! It's instant, free and devastatingly effective. Just click the button below, and your new book title will appear, quicker than you can say "$20k advance".

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Literally thousands of totally amazing titles for your next novel - you're virtually guaranteed to be the next Nora Roberts with an army of loyal fans.

All our romance novel titles are fully [not] approved by the Romance Writers of America so you're all set to be a huge celebrated author right out of the gate! Keyword optimised for max digital SEO impact!

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Every awesome book title generated comes with the following great features, built in!

  • Probably at least a cowboy or other trend-setting bullshit hero in every title
  • Egomaniac author factor of 10
  • Maximum ebook sales potential
  • Complete and total stupidity
  • Lulz!
  • Amazon kindle compatible!

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Note: Harlequin or Avon acceptance & success of book not guaranteed, a good title does not make a good book! A turd is still a turd, no matter what you call it.